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We're very excited to offer a different range of rooms in our beautiful pocket of the world.

Our Pub Rooms are located upstairs, above our bar and restaurant and feature a Queen size bed, ensuite and tea & coffee facilities. 

Our Motel Units are situated at the rear of the property - a short 1 minute stroll from the reception - and have 2 x queen beds and standard room facilities.

Our Spa Suites, surprisingly enough, do feature a spa in each room and a queen bed - some with a functioning kitchenette! 

We also have a small collection of Villas, which feature 2 bedrooms and another bed in a loft!

The Villas also have a full kitchen and laundry facilities.

Please take a look below and click through to see the rooms and facilities in each.

By booking direct via our website or over the phone you can receive 10% off your stay! Use the code DIRECT_10  at checkout or mention it over the phone to claim your discount. 

Having problems? Don't hesitate to give us a call at 08 9757 0000.

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